Trans 101 Questions

  • When in your life did you know that you were trans? Was it as a child, during puberty, or after you became an adult?
  • Did you talk to anyone about being trans before you made a change, or did you experiment with it on your own?
  • How important is surgical reconstruction to your identity? Is it something that “should” be done, or can you still be trans while possessing biological traits of the other sex?
  • Do you still perform sexuality in the way that your biological sex is perceived to perform it or have you developed your own way of being intimate?
  • Have you found your family and friends to be supportive? Your church, school, employer?
  • What pronouns do you prefer and how do you feel about correcting people?
  • How would you define your sexual orientation?
  • Have you ever been refused medical treatment (or other treatment or services) because of your identity?
  • What would you tell me to help me be a more supportive and understanding person?

Van Antwerp
WMST 2020-001


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