“Trans 101” Questions

“Trans 101” Questions

  • How should one go about asking another individual how they identify themselves or their pronouns of choice? I know the “Trans 101” website says to ask politely, but it still seems intrusive. In your experience with transgender people, what do you find they prefer?
  • In what environment have you encountered the greatest acceptance as a transgender person?
  • In what environment have you encountered the least acceptance (or harassment) as a transgender person?
  • Generally speaking, how many transgender folk in America have the support of their family?
  • If family support is missing where else do transgender individuals find a support system, if they have a support system at all?
  • Has your gender identity separated you from larger American society in terms of career options, your social life, and so on?
  • How available are hormones and/or surgery for transgender folk who wish to undergo such procedures?
  • How common is the practice of purchasing hormones off the black market? How safe and/or harmful has this practice proved to be concerning one’s health? 
  • How does your gender identity affect your romantic relationships, specifically regarding your experience with meeting potential partners?
  • Popular culture has begun to open its doors more to transgender folk in recent years. DC Comics, for example, has started to introduce gay or lesbian characters which were once banned by the Comics Code Authority, and is about to take a major leap forward by introducing a reality based trans character. Do you see this as an indication that mainstream society is becoming more comfortable with people who identify as transgender?

Morgan McFetters

 WMST 2020-001




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