Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Health

WGNRR campaigns and takes action with international members and partners and focuses on access to safe and legal abortions, access to contraceptives, and promotes awareness of sexual rights. They specialize in working with groups such as adolescents.
WGNRR focuses on a larger goal. They work with organizations and programs on an international level. They focus on the larger goal at hand which is international full achievement of reproductive health and rights.
They take a holistic approach to their goal. This is a reason they understand reproductive rights in a way that is attentive to geopolitical differences in understandings of gender, sexuality, and family. Taking the holistic approach means they have developed an understanding in all the interconnected parts of sexual reproductive health and rights, these parts consists of taking into consideration race, religion, culture and so forth. Taking a holistic approach means they are looking at this issue from all angles.
They have five program goals. Each goal focus is viewing the social issue from an international level. The first goal involves working with other countries to demand changes to current policies and government regarding sexual reproductive health and rights. The second involves efforts to improve access to contraceptives to people living in other countries failing to achieve. The third is to increase abortion access to those living in other countries. The fourth is to increase awareness and the recognition of the importance of sexual rights internationally and fifth is to increase the capacity of youth members and advocate for young people on an international level.
The approach this organization takes is holistic. It views people experiencing this social issue in a manner that attempts to view all aspects of their situation, even though they have the same problem socially, it is understood that these aspects are known.

Brittany Ledford WMST 2020-001






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