Trans 101

– I would like to know a little more about the identities that give transgender people such diversity from one another. For example: tranny, tranny boy/girl, transexual, boy-girl,girl boy, butch dyke, bi-spirit, glitter boy, etc…

– I would like to know around what age is typical for a person who is transgender to become aware.

– What is the process that a transgender person experiences. I know every persons experience is different, but I want to know general process that leads to acceptance of oneself.

– I also would like to know about partnerships or relationships between transgender couples. I would like to know the details in gender identity affecting their choice in a partner. I would simply like to know if gender identity affects sexual orientation. A person who is transgender could in fact be heterosexual?

– I feel after reading the article, I learned that there are so many labels to label transgender people. After reading the article I also felt like labeling was the problem. Putting a label on a gender identity seems to make it less individual. I understand that a person’s gender identity is their own, and a part of who they are, I feel,  labeling would take away from each person identifying in their own way. I would like to know more about why there is so much labeling if every person identifies differently.

– For those transgender people who choose genital alteration, what is the importance of the operation. For those transgender people who identify as one gender, but biologically are another and do not want genital alteration, I want to know why they do not seek the surgery.

-I would like to know what help is out there, presently, for those who are transgender? What services are specifically offered to address their needs?

-I would also like more information on transgender children and how parents react and cope. The damages caused to children by parents. I would also like to know the positive methods to raising a child who is transgender.


-Brittany Ledford WMST 2020-001






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