Questions for Transpersons

0. What pronouns do you prefer?

1. Around what age did you start recognizing/coming to terms with your gender identity?

2. How do you deal with the adversity you face on a day to day bases?

3. Have you received any harassment for your gender identity? From family, friends, or strangers?

4. How does your gender identity affect your relationship with friends and family?

5. Do you have a support system?

6. How do you handle situations when/if someone is misgendering you? Do you stop that person and ask them to gender you the right way?

7. How costly is it for hormones? If you have insurance does it pay for your hormones?

8. How you received transphobia from a medical professional?

9. How does gender dysphoria affect you?

10. Does gender identity affect one’s sexual orientation?

Fitch: 2020-001


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