Trans 101

-When do trans people typically discover that there is something about their gender identity that do not align with cultural expectations of gender? The article reference “day one,” but I question that seeing how I do not know for sure how newborns feel about their gender identities. As a mother and a person who has worked with children in the past, I have observed how toddlers seem to naturally blur the lines of the gender binary in everyday play and behavior. I am curious how trans children come to the conclusion and begin the discussion about any ‘conflicts’ between their gender identities and cultural prescriptions of gender.

-This article is written rather interestingly. While the author may present her/him self confidently at the beginning of a statement, s/he quickly changes the tone of the sentence to entice the reader to question what they just read. I believe this was done intentionally. It seems many people take the male/female gender binary for granted and never question anything that may lie around, between, or outside of it. In writing this article in this way, the authors seem to be forcing the reader to rethink previous modes of belief in general and about gender specifically.

-While out with friends this past weekend (one of whom is a transgendered woman), a couple of men were overcome with some internal conflict that I found to be quite interesting. They were asking about my friend, saying that she was “beautiful,” “hot,” and the like, but then proceeded to question if she was a woman. Another friend and I looked at each other with some level of confusion. We clarified with them that they found her to be attractive, assured them she was a woman, then inquired what other information they were looking for or thought to be relevant. To the two of us it seemed as though these men were interested in speaking with our friend, but ‘something’ held them back.

That ‘something’ is the cultural prescriptions I believe these authors are attempting to debunk. Many people who do not fully understand trans issues or the fluidity of gender have a great deal of problems when trying to put a trans person into a ‘gender box’ that is restrictive and cut completely wrong for that particular individual. This article functions to help people look at gender, sex, and our preconceived notion about them differently so that people, like the men I met, may be able to move past their questions and simply see any person for who they are.

-The cite below is a resource for men who may be attracted to trans women. It is disappointing that resources like this have a necessity within our culture; however, I am grateful that they exist for those who may need it. If our culture did not attach negative stigma to this attraction or these relationships, I do not think there would be as much of a need for resources as such. It is comforting to know that men who are attracted to trans women have places where they can find more information and become a part of a positive community that will support their choices.


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